High efficiency filter medium "filtex®HIPAC"  is made of special-high-quality microglass fibre paper with high precise distance hoders technology. This allowes increased air flow rates at low pressure drop.

The filter block is cast in a sabile frame of galvanized metal, stainless steel, or MDF. Various options available.

Chemical industry, pharma industry, electronic industry, medical production...
End filter unit  for clean rooms, cabins fan units...

Types - Filter classes - Medium:
SF..."flow" St frame galvanized  E10(H10)-U17 filtex®HIPAC
SFW..."flow" MDF frame E10(H10)-U17 filtex®HIPAC
SFP..."high flow" St frame galvanized E10(H10)-U17 filtex®HIPAC H.F.
SFWP..."high flow" MDF frame  E10(H10)-U17 filtex®HIPAC H.F.

•Filtermedium filtex®HIPAC or high flow filtex®HIPAC H.F.
•Standard HEPA Filter
•Frame materials galvanized steel, MDF, stainless steel
•All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
•various options
•Technical deata see TECHDOC or on request