High grade F6-F9: The special bikini shape of the filter pockets give high stability even when the filter gets wet. The filter frames are supplied in metal or in hardwood material. The filter medium „filtex DUROTEX H.G. DUO" combines a class G4 deep soft media as a pre filter + DUROTEX high grade medium. Therefore results two characteristics in one filter and leads to enormouse dust holding capacity. The filter medium consists to 100% of Synthetik.
Low grade G2-F5: The filter medium „DUROTEX L.G." is produced with additional grammature and thickness. So time for the air penetration takes longer - filtration effect and dust holding capacity improve.
The filter medium consists to 100% of Synthetic.
Application range:
Alternative to pocket filters for all kinds of air handling units and air conditioners etc..
Especially when the aerosol is moistly the filter can get wet.
High stability avoides the contact of the bags with the bottom and the walls of the casing of the air handling unit. The pressure drop remains on constant low degree.

Types - Filter classes - Medium:
HFH low grade class G3-F5 medium filtex®DUROTEX L.G.
HFH high grade class F6-F9 medium filtex®DUROTEX DUO

Filter medium filtex® DUROTEX DUO for high grade filter
Filter medium filtex® DUROTEX L.G. for low grade filter
high stability
Bikini shaped pockets
Frame materials metal or hardwood (SWISSLINE)
All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
Technical data see TECHDOC or on request