The filter medium exists of fine-meshed metal(type FZS...) or steel wool (type FZG...). This proves high separation efficiencies, already with low thicknes. The medium is inserted in a stable metal cell frame. The cell is to be cleaned with water or lye. Sand or dry dust can be blown out by use of an air pistol. For finer dust use type FZG..

Pre filter in air handling units . The filter separates sand, and coarse dust. Also used in kitchens an industries plants to stop oil moisture.


FZGR steel wool stainless
FZGM steel wool steel
FZGA steel wool Al
FZSR fine mesh stainless
FZSA fine mesh Al

Type FZG... steel wool G2-G4 (depends on thickness)
Type FZS... fine mesh G2-G3 (depends on thickness)
Optional with handholds
Easy cleaning - washable
All standard dimensions
Special dimensions on request
Technische data see TECHDOC or on request